PTC Macedonia

Leveraging Elbit Systems knowhow and expertise in designing and developing pilot training programs, Elbit Systems’ new Pilot Training Center (PTC), with its advanced training facilities, sets new standards for quality, value and efficiency in military air crew training.

Elbit Systems’ International PTC offers a modern and cost effective solution for military and para-military helicopter pilot training, from candidate screening to primary, basic and advanced helicopter pilot training, including comprehensive classroom and cockpit training.

Customers benefit from a modular syllabus that is tailored to meet various requirements, as well as a cutting-edge campus with advanced full motion and full mission trainers, fully equipped and computerized training classrooms, and a highly maintained fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft fleet.

In addition, the PTC provides advanced operational courses for qualified pilots, including:

  • NVG flights
  • Helicopter tactics
  • High altitude landings
  • Combat maneuvers
  • Formation flights

Become a Pilot

Should you wish to learn more about the Center, our courses, products, or becoming a pilot, please complete your details and we will contact you with further information or to schedule a visit.

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